2003 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

On today’s show we’re gonna take a quick look at this the 2003 Honda Odyssey this is a mini van that is a very popular with families and go figure it’s probably because it’s pretty awesome. Yes I decide that this band is pretty awesome. This week I had family visiting perfect time to test of and I thought this just wasn’t any or fanned out this is one the best selling bands in the US The Honda Odyssey. Today we’re gonna take a quick drive in the top of the line touring elite model. It features a 248 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 with variable cylinder management. That scores at a respectable 19 miles per gallon city and 28 freeway according to the EPA. Convenience is a key to this vehicle success and that starts with the sliding doors their power. Well both of them are. The tailgate yep that’s power to. Open and it reveals a cavernous trunks. Which is good for a baby stroller grocery bags or you know whatever.

honda odysseySecond row seats have plenty of room for full size adult which is a game come the point of a van they also reclined if you happen to get sleepy on that long road trip. Hit a button and a dual screen panel pops down one kid can watch a DVD while the other plugs in a video game. A wireless remote and headphones are also included. The Odyssey isn’t just for kids the driver also get some perks up front. Like master control over the stereo and DVD cooled been for non alcoholic beverages. And a nice HT version of the Honda now system, and super tail light and 2003 Honda Odyssey headlight assembly. Switch it in reverse and get a handy review camera. Now you have to look at why would somebody by bandits because really honestly you need a van there’s a point your life when you have 2 kids and you can pretty much get by with any vehicle third thing comes along I’m sorry that Mazda 3 will not fit 3 children in the back let alone 3 children in car seats.

I’ve been driving it all week and no wonder it’s so popular it’s actually a really cool vehicle to drive has a lot of power under the hood from a 3.5 liter V6 Well little wheel spin their. And V6 taken it down. What’s on the freeway another feature popped up yes blind spot identification natural. Let’s see gauges are very easy to see that steering is great comparable I mean I could drive to Florida this thing and I’d be fine. Cup holders lots of bomb Cup holder here come over here come over there coupled with their 2 and back one in the front. Yeah ever discovered. They rule shiny what’s. Yeah vice as. It’s like an alternate always so you can look back and see the kids what are you kids doing back there. So it’s convenient comfortable and reasonably sporty 4 and. Now let’s talk price in face trim with a V6, this fourth generation Odyssey will set you back 20002 to 5. Fully loaded the car we tested was way for it. $44485 including the $810 delivery charge. So was it worth it. Well if you need a deluxe band then yeah this is definitely a worthy choice. Our next show hopefully will be driving something a little bit quicker I’m right out that for drugs for Stevie.