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New Honda Civic review

In December last year home to build its 100 millionth call will seal the retained as tight as the world’s best selling SUV 4.7000000 models the road of the manufactures Ferris production on since what 16. 20000 bad the Honda Civic bunch. Now in its tenth generation the family house Becca’s come a long way since it first launched in…

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2003 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite

On today’s show we’re gonna take a quick look at this the 2003 Honda Odyssey this is a mini van that is a very popular with families and go figure it’s probably because it’s pretty awesome. Yes I decide that this band is pretty awesome. This week I had family visiting perfect time to test of and I thought this…

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2006 Chrysler Pacifica Review

Hello roku so Chevrolet Cadillac in coastal Nissan beautiful clothes on but now looking at the 2006 Chrysler Pacifica guy nice gold exterior paint both very nice vehicle we see here it’s nice wheels there you go wrapped in some type quality could your tires. Corporal those small multi passenger vehicle. From the rear. This break so 0X What they…

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