How to get rid turbo lag?

turbo lagTo get rid of turbo lag, you do not need to look for a replacement of the turbine, and reduce the effect of turbo lag by changing the engine. Make it possible by means of chip-tuning. In the process, the experts changed the settings in the control unit, setting the necessary parameters. Make chip tuning is possible on any vehicle, with petrol or diesel engine.

The second, more efficient and less expensive way to get rid of turbo lag is the installation of powerbox. This device is connected to the fuel gauge and changes engine speed depending on the input signal. Application of powerbox reduces fuel consumption and allows to make device configuration for specific tasks.

The problem with the effect of turbo lag engineers decided by the application of a variable geometry turbine or the use of a second, but a mechanical turbine or compressor air storage. Thus, the Volvo uses a two-liter bottle of compressed air, which in the sudden opening of the throttle sends it along the shortest path to the cylinders, in order to completely eliminate turbo lag.